Try These Tips To Get Your Creativity

tips to get creativity
tips to get creativity

As an entrepreneur, you must have a creative thinking to solve any problems. Creative thinking also needs in produce new products, make promotions to increase sales, and other business things. However, creativity seems to utterly disappear and you have to get it back again. How does it work? We will give you some tips to get creative again.


Brainstorming is the first thing you should do to get creativity back. Do your brainstorming and follow by mind map. Write down you ideas – even the craziest ones – and sort the best idea.

Think of good memories

Think your happy and good memories you’ve had. Be grateful. This technique will open up your creative thinking as well.

Take a break from your routine

Do things differently from your daily routine. Meet new people and talk to them. Eat some new foods across the street. Find a different fashion style that you never wear. From this “new you, you will get some new ideas too.

Read biographies of inspiring people

read biographies inspiring people
read biographies inspiring people

Pick up a biography of inspiring people like, Steve Jobs or Jack Ma. From their biographies, you can learn much about solving problems, overcome failures, and also how to get creative in business.

Start a journal

Make your right brain active with writing a journal. By writing, you can unlock some serious creativity.

Surround yourself by nature

Take a walk to see beautiful greeneries and get some fresh air. Fresh air will stimulate your brain and open up some new ideas. Nature also helps you to think happy and positive about everything.

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